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This post is a bit bittersweet for me to write…this is the last place I ate at before totaling my beautiful three week old 328i. In fact, as I was uploading photos I caught a glimpse of my old car in the reflection of the windows surrounding the shop. I thought this place was really cool though, so I had been meaning to blog about it as I was recovering from my accident, but I think its good I waited until I was feeling better.

So this shop took over the old Starbucks spot on Copper Hill a few months ago, and I got the heads up from my homeboy John Lesko of All Spice Cafe. It is run by a local young guy that is really into baking and chocolates and you can tell all the guys working here love what they do.

The pastry cases are filled with pastries (sweet and savory) and everything is made by them. I thought the tarts looked beautiful! I can’t wait to go back and try one.

On that day I had a slice of coffee cake.

They also have cupcakes. I really need to go back and see what else is new in the cases.

For those of you that love chocolate, they make their own truffles!

The owner let me try this truffle they had come up with earlier as they experimented in the kitchen.

They have seating and wifi and TVs and it is just a nice locally owned business.

They also make coffee using Jones Coffee Roasters out of Pasadena, and they have their own roast.

I didn’t try enough stuff, but I will make it a point to go back soon.

Baker’s Gourmet Coffee and Pastries

3880 Copperhill Drive

Valencia, CA 91354


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Yesterday after work I was catching up on my Twitter stream when I saw that Velvet Cupcakes at the mall (which I first blogged last November) announced they were now serving pour over cups of Intelligentsia coffee. As of right now, Undergrounds is the only other place doing so in SCV, so of course I was excited. By now you are all fully aware of our coffee snobbery, and how the SCV Crew makes frequent trips to Intelli just to get our fix, and other third wave shops throughout LA. So hearing that I could get some orange bag Intelli goodness so close to home, and at a cupcake shop totally made my day.

Before trivia, N8 and I met up for dinner and stopped by Velvet Cupcakes for some coffee. The girls working were really nice to us, and talked us through the pour over method. Although we are super familiar with this (coffee snobs remember) it was nice to see these girls so excited to prepare our cups of coffee!



Each cup of coffee you order starts with freshly ground beans and ends up as a fresh cup. Sure it may take a little longer, but it is so worth it!



And…as if that wasn’t enough…as we were drinking our coffee, we were told that starting Friday they would be selling Banana Pudding.

I was so incredibly excited! Those of you that remember my birthday, 2010 remember that HUGE bowl of Banana Pudding that we couldn’t stop gushing over. Well, instead of having to go to Magnolia Bakery in LA…I can now just go to the patios and not only get myself a cup of Intelli, but also some of the best banana pudding, ever? Jackpot! Nate had to hear me gush about this banana pudding all evening. As did everyone I saw at trivia…

So, SCV…have I let you down yet? Trust me on this one! Head over to Velvet Cupcakes for a cup of coffee and some banana pudding. You can thank me later! And, if you have heard us tweet and blog and talk about our love of coffee and have wondered what all the Intelli fuss is about? Now you can check it out for yourself! Do @mic_dee a favor though, try it without the cream and sugar? Just once!

Oh, and of course! You can’t forget the cupcakes!

Velvet Cupcakes

The Patios in Valencia

Accross from Sephora

24201 W Valencia Blvd
Ste 3552
Valencia, CA 91355


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I passed by this storefront a week ago and saw a sign announcing that they would open in 7 days…well apparently yesterday was the day! I was excited for this new bakery because I had heard that Cake Goodness had been featured on a show called “Fabulous Cakes” on TV, making it the second hometown shop to represent SCV on a national level. The other place is one of my favs Bake You Happy, which won Cupcake Wars earlier this year. Anyway, I didn’t make it out to the shop on the first day, but did stop by very quickly today on their second day.

And when I walked in, I saw the cupcake shop of my dreams! My favorite colors and my favorite type of decor! Dark and a bit goth but with class and style. The black chandeliers, the color of the walls, the lighted candles? I loved it the moment I walked in. Seriously.

They are known for their lovely custom cakes, but at the shop you can also order cupcakes, cake pops, push ups, sugar cookies, and mini chocolate chips. Prices are listed.

They have the cupcakes in plastic containers on the counter, and the cake pops and cookies on display. Today they had a nice variety.




I ordered a sugar cookie sandwich that was really awesome.

And I ordered two cupcakes. Red Velvet and a Lemon Berry…

I loved that they took the extra effort to add a pretty ribbon to the container.

So to conclude, it is nice to see Newhall getting so many new independently owned businesses!

Cake Goodness

23121 Lyons Ave

Newhall, CA 91321


Follow them on Twitter here: @CAKE_goodness

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Today was a fantastic milestone in my life. Not only am I done with BTSA forever, but it was also the last official workday of what has been one of the most rewarding school years of my life! Summer vacation means its time to dust off the blog, and get back to eating my way around SCV and beyond! And I’m kicking back my comeback post with a place I am absolutely overjoyed to share with you all…

The Poached Pair is a name I first learned about thanks to Carrie, and they often have their goods at Undergrounds. I had never tried their stuff before, but when I first heard they were opening up a storefront I was really excited! They finally opened last Friday, but I didn’t get a chance to stop by thanks to long days at work. Today, after I locked up my classroom, I wanted to celebrate, and I did it the best way I know how! By checking out this shop.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was ECSTATIC as soon as I walked in! The space is BEAUTIFUL! So crisp, so classy, like straight out of Sunset Magazine. True story. As you know, I’m always out and about in Los Angeles trying bakeries and new places, and one of my favorite shops is Proof Bakery. Well this place reminded me of Proof in the way their pastries are set up, the counter/glass, and the selection. If you know anything about me and how much time I spend at Proof, then you know what a major statement this is.

If you went to high school in the SCV in the mid to late 90s then you spent time at Mitch’s Java n’Jazz, and this shop has taken over their former space. Meaning, there is the second floor you all remember fondly. It isn’t quite open yet, but will be one day. It was surreal to be back here after so many years, and seeing it  transformed into this wonderful space.

The menu and selection varies daily but they are very much on top of their social media because they Tweet and FB their offerings each morning and keep customers up to date on availability. This to me, means volumes! Well done ladies!

On this particular day they had a very nice spread of baked goods that all looked very much amazing. No exaggeration. You know me, I spend a lot of time in bakeries and checking out cupcakes around LA and beyond. This place is legit and is easily comparable to a shop in LA.


And here is the view looking out from behind the glass. Lovely, right?

Here are the two cupcake options they had today. Chocolate Mole and Coconut Lime.

They sell Newhall Coffee (so fitting) and Republic of Tea. I opted for an iced tea and was happy to see Agave as a sweetener option! You all know how much I love Agave!
I tried a thyme cracker that was really great.
RE and I shared a blueberry goat cheese scone that was amazing! It reminded me so much of a scone I ate years ago in Victoria, BC at a tea house. Amazing.
And then I heard the choir of angels (hadn’t used that phrase in a while).
I ordered a coconut lime cupcake. Game. Changer. So light, so moist, so perfect.
So this was my last day of school + done with BTSA celebratory meal. And it was all right here, available to me in the SCV.
Mind. Blown.
As I got comfortable in the chair by the window, I didn’t want to leave. They have WiFi, comfortable chairs, great lighting, and a lovely vibe that I haven’t found anywhere else in Santa Clarita.
They also have outdoor seating along the side, which I’m pretty sure is going to be the SCV Crew’s hangout spot this summer! Seriously. run, don’t walk! This place is amazing! And, locally owned, operated, independent! Time to get out there and support this local business!
The Poached Pair
22722 Lyons Ave
Ste 1
Newhall, CA 91321

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One of my top three favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles has a new home! Over the past six months or so, I’ve become a frequent customer of this coffee “pop up” shop and in recent weeks I had learned that Yeekai was going to move to a more permanent location. And! Yesterday it finally happened!

I had to miss the grand opening yesterday because I was working, but I ended up making my way over there this morning and what I found at Proof Bakery in Atwater Village was my new favorite bakery/coffee shop in one.

In my mind, I was just going for the coffee…but this place is really the whole package. Come for coffee, stay for the cake!

The decor of the shop is sleek and simple. The cakes and pastries are all so neat and dainty, it was hard to choose what to order. There are tables and chairs and the layout was very well thought out. Pastries on the left and Cognoscenti is set up on the right.

As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was transported somewhere else. Seattle? Vancouver? I think the rainy weather added to this feeling.

Cake. Not the band…

So they have biscuits and pastries, but they also have these amazing looking cakes. Just look at these pictures! Amazing!

Their cake of the day was the Toasted Lemon Meringue Chiffon Cake which cost $5/slice. I decided to go for it because the cake looked amazing and they happened to be offering it as slices.

As for coffee, instead of going with my usual namesake drink, the “LD” I went with a cortado. Of course it was perfection! D’uh!

Yeekai is still using Four Barrell beans and you can get a nice variety of coffee beverages, included pour over. His coffee is amazing!

I could do this every Saturday morning…

Seriously. This place is really really really FANTASTIC. A perfect place to stop by for some coffee and some treats. I am completely in lust with this shop. They have done an amazing job of decorating and I can see it becoming part of my weekend rotation. They have completely outdone themselves.

Soon, our friends Tien and Caroline joined RE, Jeffrey and I and we quickly got settled with coffee and treats. It was a morning spent with friends talking about food, travel, coffee and more. I was telling D that it was like the movies, when people meet up at a coffee shop and talk for hours. Except, today wasn’t a movie. It was my life, and I’m so lucky to have met such amazing people lately.

Cognoscenti’s signature owl.

Seriously, make it a point to check out this shop. If you are near Atwater Village you can find Yeekai here Wednesday – Sunday from 8am-3pm.

We ended up hanging out here for a while, and I’m sure we’ll all be back as often as possible. So happy for Cognoscenti and the crew at Proof Bakery! I’m a total fangirl! Love it!

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Awesometown (Valencia) has its very first legit cupcakery! It has been a long time coming, but yesterday an actual storefront shop finally opened up and they were selling out faster than they could make them. The shop was crowded and it smelled like cupcakes! Very neat. Not only did it smell good, but the place is adorable!

It reminded me very much of the Sprinkle’s layout, with seating at the window so you can people watch. Additionally? It is located right across the way from Sephora and other shops in the new section of the Paseos.

Yesterday I had a strawberry cupcake, since they were sold out of most flavors. Today I went back to Sephora (heaven) and decided to stop by and try two more flavors.

This time around I had the Peanut Butter Chocolate. Chocolate cake and peanut butter acting as the frosting.

And of course, my go to flavor at ANY bakeshop…the always classic Red Velvet. This one had a tiny heart in the center. Very cute.

They also carry their own bottled water, Groundworks coffee, sodas, and the always classic Mexican Coke. Medio Litro. Can’t think of a better pairing with cupcakes.

I think this is the best thing to open up in Valencia in a long time. Sure there are two other storefronts in Canyon Country and Saugus, but this one PWNS them all by far. By a mile. By acres. Since it is a storefront, I could easily stop by after work for a sweet treat. It is also a great place to meet up with friends. We ended up sitting outside for a bit, under the sun, chatting, and people watching.

All around us, there were people sitting at the tables, including kids, just eating cupcakes. It was a really nice, casual, low key, scene at the Patios today. Not a bad way to spend a day off work.

I still love Bake You Happy, but this is a nice place to hang out and a welcome addition to the SCV! Velvet Cupcake is BY FAR the BEST cupcake shop (STOREFRONT) out of the three we have in town. I’m sure that anyone that goes there will enjoy the ambience.

Cupcakes are $3 each.

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It seems like only yesterday I randomly stumbled upon Bake You Happy. It was a great find, unexpected, local, cupcake perfection. For the longest time, Bake You Happy lacked a storefront and they were  available in limited qualities at Its A Grind if you got there early enough. Of course my friends and I often placed orders, but it  wasn’t like we could just have one anytime we wanted.

Back in July, some of us were getting the Bake You Happy craving so we got together and had a second tasting, which of course, was perfection. Still…these cupcakes are so epic that it was a bit frustrating to think that we couldn’t just go somewhere whenever we got the craving and buy one.

Which brings me to last week…my brother Hsiawen said he saw an ad for Bake You Happy in a local magazine and informed me that they had a new kitchen. Whut!?!? I called Kim and asked where they were located and if we could stop by and buy single cupcakes. It turns out they have been at their new kitchen for only a few weeks and she invited us to stop by and check it out. It isn’t a storefront, but you could certainly call ahead and see what they have available that day. Or simply call her for pick up. No, really. Do it. You wont regret it.

So last night my friends and I gathered at their new kitchen space, located on Industry Drive in Castaic/Valencia. You can ask Zigler to clarify which city it is in. All I know is that it is very close to home. Success. Here are some just out of the oven!

They share the kitchen with Victoria Duvall of Cookie Couture (she was on the O List) and it is very clean and crisp! Soon almost 20 of us had gathered to visit with Kim, check out the new space, and eat cupcakes. Kim had a great variety of cupcakes available, but I went straight for the Peanut Butter. It was amazing. Moist chocolate filled with peanut butter. My new favorite Bake You Happy offering for sure.

Well…maybe it is actually tied with the Smore Cupcake…guess what? It has a graham cracker crust. A cupcake with a graham cracker crust! It is AMAZING x 100. Seriously. I didn’t know a smore cupcake could be this good. Nothing frilly, just a dainty cupcake consisting of quality ingredients and moist chocolate.

As the crowd started to thin out, Kim let some of us try our hand at decorating cupcakes! Here is Deb doing a great job as Kim looks on.
Here is 13 year old Katie who proved to be a natural!
And here is Kyle Jon!
If you follow my blog then you know that I’m always trying cupcakes anywhere and everywhere, so believe me, this place is really special. Bake You Happy definitely slangs some of my favorite cupcakes. They have new individual boxes available so I think I’m definitely going to do that for co-worker gifts this year. Plus! Kim delivers within the SCV!
I’m so happy to see this bakery growing and I know big things are happening for Kim Thurman and Kim Aeck! If you have a craving, feel free to give them a call for pick up. Even if you only want one or two, I’m sure they’ll make it happen. I love these cupcakes so much and I know my friends are all believers now too! Oh and they are on Twitter too!

Kim: 661.373.6597

Email: cupcake@bakeuhappy.com

28415 Industry Dr. Ste. 512, Valencia, CA 91355


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