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One of my favorite local business success stories in Santa Clarita is Bake You Happy! I couldn’t be happier for Kim and Kim who went from slanging their cupcakes a half dozen at a time out of a case at Its a Grind in Castaic, to slanging out of a shared commercial kitchen in Castaic, to winning Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, to opening up their own shop in the Barnes and Noble shopping center, to appearing on Cupcake Wars a SECOND time, and now, they have a SECOND location in Canyon Country!

Taking over the old Cupcake Tree spot, they have decorated the interior to suit their signature whimsical homey Bake You Happy look.

The greatest thing about this location is that they have room in the back to host birthday parties and offer classes!

For birthday parties they let kids decorate their own box, decorate their own cupcakes, and just have a good time with frosting.

They will even write the names on the chalk wall! This is a cute perk for kids!

Additionally they will offer workshops so you can learn how to decorate. As soon as my schedule clears up I am going to make it a point to attend these classes, and let me tell you why…

Kim Aeck is one of the most TALENTED people I know when it comes to creating BEAUTIFUL and ARTISTIC cakes. She can make a cake look like anything. So that means that we (SCV residents) can learn from the best. She’s like the fondant whisperer.  I’ve always admired her work.

So, for those of you on the other side of town, I believe this is the only cupcake shop in Canyon Country! Enjoy and make it a point to visit! They are located in the same shopping center as Edwards Cinema. What a perfect pre/post movie treat! Also, I always like to give a dozen as a gift or I’ll pick some up if I’m going to a party. Its a great hostess gift. Additionally, here is a pro-tip. Kim’s cookies are something else. The tahitian salt cookies she makes are some of my absolute favorites. So don’t forget to pick up some cookies too.

Bake You Happy

18836 Soledad Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, CA 91351



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Back in February I visited Southern Girl Desserts at their storefront location. Then before I got a chance to blog it, their storefront closed. Since I didn’t know what had happened, I just never posted. However, I soon started hearing about their cupcakes being at various events, and even placing in the LA Cupcake Challenge a mere week after my visit.

Then last night, I was watching Cupcake Wars and saw the southern girls! Turns out they don’t currently have a storefront anymore, however you can still order their cupcakes from their website. So, I guess I can still blog about their cupcakes, amiright?

They are most famous for their sweet potato cupcake, which is definitely something you can’t find just everywhere. If you are a sweet potato fan, you will not want to miss trying it if you get the chance!

Thanks to Groupon, we ended up trying six cupcakes total. Two red velvet, two sweet potato, and two lemon.

Here is a closeup of the red velvet.

This is their website where you can learn more about the Southern Girls and their desserts. Also, follow them on Twitter for updates @dessertdivas and! I’m hearing you can get some of their cupcakes in shooter form from the Sweets Truck!

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