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As I talk to people around town, it becomes apparent that there are two types of SCV residents. Those that know Newhall Refinery is coming and those that haven’t heard of it. So hopefully this short blog post will enlighten some readers.

Lately in LA there have been gastropubs popping up left and right. Little Bear, The Parish, Freddie Smalls, Public School, Waterloo and City, Rush Street, and of course my favorite…Father’s Office, which started the trend years back. You might think its ironic that I frequent gastropubs since I don’t drink beer, but then you might not know what a gastropub is. Essentially, a gastropub is a small plates, elevated bar food type of restaurant. Another component is that they have a pretty cool craft beer list. These beer lists mean nothing to me since I know nothing about beer, but the Vinhja always seems to be impressed since he’s the beer guy around here. Me? I just go for the food.

So, in Newhall Refinery, they are advertising themselves a true gastropub. That “Academy” in Canyon Country doesn’t count. Newhall Refinery being a gastropub means that the food is going to be sophisticated and not what you find at your local bar and grill. Most people are excited about this place because of the beer list, but I’m excited because FINALLY we are getting a restaurant that does food like the kind I have to drive to LA to eat. I sincerely hope Newhall Refinery can pull it off and we aren’t all left disappointed.

It is going to be located in “Old Town Newhall” only a few doors down from the Canyon Theater Guild. When people hear this, they get so excited that there is going to be some variety along main street. I’m excited I have a reason to drive to Old Town Newhall! Fingers crossed.

So as part of the whole Old Town Newhall revitalization project, the city has organized these Senses on Main events for about a year now or so. I went to my first event last month and it wasn’t that exciting. They do this every third Thursday, and last week was the kickoff for the Cowboy Festival. Also? Newhall Refinery was going to have a booth and my friends wanted to check it out. We met up a little after 7 and then we all hung out, walked around, ate, and just talked. The Mikes, Larry, Hsiawen + fam, and Jason, and I also saw some students and co workers.

There was quite a crowd on this particular night! So many people dressed up, activities for kids, bands playing, and even a mechanical bull! My friends got fancy craft beer from the Refinery booth that they said was great, and Larry even bought a t-shirt which he put on right away. Later I found out that the Refinery sold out of both. I’m telling you, I predict this is going to be the newest IT spot in town…but we’ll see if the food is good and its not just about the beer.

By the time we left Senses on Main and headed over to trivia (Friendly Valley Social Club won first, duh), the crowd had grown and it was really a good time had by all. We ended up having to wait over an hour and half to get food from one of the burger trucks, which includes waiting in line and then waiting around for our order to be ready. Then we had to find a table to stand at to eat. As we stood around we remarked that we can’t wait for the Refinery to open up so we can actually sit down and eat our food on Senses nights, but I’m pretty sure its going to be the toughest seat to snag on those third Thursdays.

Senses on Main

Old Town Newhall

Third Thursdays


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A couple of months ago, I heard about a new ice cream company that was planning on opening up shop in Santa Clarita. Exciting news for sure, I mean we have ice cream shops in town, but we don’t have any locally churned type places. Not much was known except that the owners of the company had held a tasting out of their home, but unfortunately my friends and I couldn’t make it.

Fast forward to Sunday, which was also National Ice Cream Day! The Whole Scoop held a second ice cream social, this time taking place at Valencia Meadows Park. The Hustler was game, as were Derek and Catherine, so we all met up and had some ice cream.

The idea behind this ice cream social was to get feedback on flavors and also to promote their Kickstarter campaign.

Among the four of us, we tried a variety of flavors, including peach.


Peanut Butter Cup


Not pictured was the banana pudding ice cream, which we all enjoyed. Looks like the real winners are the fruit ice creams, as they have huge chunks of fruit and were refreshing. I’m curious to see what this shop will be like once it opens in Downtown Newhall later this year, and look forward to seeing how much their final batches improve.

As I mentioned earlier, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them out. You can watch a little informational video and get some information by clicking this link.

Kickstart The Whole Scoop

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After my last visit to Bricks I got a lot of feedback from readers and friends. I heard that there were some service issues, prices had gone up, and the side salad was now an add-on. So I decided to come back to Bricks with a few friends yesterday and give it another go. Among the five of us, we ordered a variety of items, and remarked on what we thought about the meal.

Jason’s veggie burger

My homeboy John’s burger

Aaron’s fish tacos

Erin’s sandwich.

Aaron’s other taco.

My burger

Tempura batter onion rings and regular / sweet potato fries

We ate everything. It wasn’t mind blowing or amazing by any means, its hard not to compare to food we’ve had in LA. I know some people don’t like hearing this, but for SCV? Its good. This isn’t a chain, the owner is a local woman that wanted to bring something new to Santa Clarita and (except the veggie burger) the patties are ground in house. I have to give Bricks a few more tries, but for now, my burger was good. It isn’t a cheap place to eat at, but maybe if they introduce some lunch specials, we would find it more appealing. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. We didn’t have any service issues (we got there pretty late so it wasn’t packed) and we got everything we ordered, so no problems there. With every new business there are growing pains, but in time they’ll work out the kinks. Oh, and for those of you wondering (I kept getting this question) yes they are working on a liquor license.

Bricks on Lyons

23820 Lyons Ave.

Santa Clarita, California 91321

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My dear SCV! I used to pride myself on being the first one to bring you the latest and greatest to grace our town, but with a full time job, and lack of time, I haven’t been blogging. Also, there hasn’t been much in terms of good food coming to town so I had lacked motivation too. Until today!

There is a new place in Newhall that opened up called Bricks on Lyons. Mike D. told me about it weeks ago and we eagerly awaited the grand opening. I finally got to try it today with Vinh and my brother Hsiawen. I hadn’t seen him and his wife Deb in a long time, and it was so nice to finally meet their baby boy! Seeing them so happy, made me melt. Hsiawen is going to be an amazing father to that adorable little boy.

I’m not sure what the story is behind Bricks, but I’m definitely intrigued.  They have a great simple menu consisting of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and sides.

These are the sides, which are all reasonably priced.

They also have shakes and boba! While Vinh and I waited for Hsiawen and family, we got started with some shakes!

Vinh had blueberry.

And I had oreo!

As we toasted (cheers), we remarked that we loved the use of ball jars and boba straws! These were only $3 and made to order. They have a variety of shakes that were listed on a chalkboard so I’m thinking flavors change. I will definitely be back for a shake!

They had a special menu board by the register with specials. You order at the counter, and then your food is brought to your table. The kitchen is pretty open so you can see everything being prepared. It was actually really cool and all of the orders being turned out looked lovely.

I always remark that although I love breakfast, I rarely get the chance to eat breakfast…so naturally I ordered the breakfast burger.

This was Vinh’s burger. It looked UmamiBurger-ish because of the bun.

This was Hsiawen’s burger.

Deb had the Ryan’s Special, which looked amazing, but my photo didn’t come out. Just imagine a massive burger with onion rings. It looked really good! All burgers are served with greens and mandarin oranges, which is a nice touch.

I added an order of fries to my burger, which was served with homemade garlic aioli. Nothing special but a nice compliment to the burger for only $3.

They have a nice little seating area outside, which would be a nice place to hang out on those hot summer nights with the crew. There is something different about Bricks that I haven’t seen in the SCV lately. It was just a refreshing place and I saw some LA influence here, which makes me happy. I am definitely going to be a regular here, and explore more of the menu. They say that they make their own blend which is ground in house daily, which is fantastic. The prices are really reasonable for the quality of the ingredients, which pleases me. So, SCV…please go support this new mom and pop local business! It is located across the street from Old Orchard park, and those of you that have been around for a while will remember it as the old Taco Bell/Burrito Factory spot.

Bricks on Lyons

23820 Lyons Avenue

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

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