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As I talk to people around town, it becomes apparent that there are two types of SCV residents. Those that know Newhall Refinery is coming and those that haven’t heard of it. So hopefully this short blog post will enlighten some readers.

Lately in LA there have been gastropubs popping up left and right. Little Bear, The Parish, Freddie Smalls, Public School, Waterloo and City, Rush Street, and of course my favorite…Father’s Office, which started the trend years back. You might think its ironic that I frequent gastropubs since I don’t drink beer, but then you might not know what a gastropub is. Essentially, a gastropub is a small plates, elevated bar food type of restaurant. Another component is that they have a pretty cool craft beer list. These beer lists mean nothing to me since I know nothing about beer, but the Vinhja always seems to be impressed since he’s the beer guy around here. Me? I just go for the food.

So, in Newhall Refinery, they are advertising themselves a true gastropub. That “Academy” in Canyon Country doesn’t count. Newhall Refinery being a gastropub means that the food is going to be sophisticated and not what you find at your local bar and grill. Most people are excited about this place because of the beer list, but I’m excited because FINALLY we are getting a restaurant that does food like the kind I have to drive to LA to eat. I sincerely hope Newhall Refinery can pull it off and we aren’t all left disappointed.

It is going to be located in “Old Town Newhall” only a few doors down from the Canyon Theater Guild. When people hear this, they get so excited that there is going to be some variety along main street. I’m excited I have a reason to drive to Old Town Newhall! Fingers crossed.

So as part of the whole Old Town Newhall revitalization project, the city has organized these Senses on Main events for about a year now or so. I went to my first event last month and it wasn’t that exciting. They do this every third Thursday, and last week was the kickoff for the Cowboy Festival. Also? Newhall Refinery was going to have a booth and my friends wanted to check it out. We met up a little after 7 and then we all hung out, walked around, ate, and just talked. The Mikes, Larry, Hsiawen + fam, and Jason, and I also saw some students and co workers.

There was quite a crowd on this particular night! So many people dressed up, activities for kids, bands playing, and even a mechanical bull! My friends got fancy craft beer from the Refinery booth that they said was great, and Larry even bought a t-shirt which he put on right away. Later I found out that the Refinery sold out of both. I’m telling you, I predict this is going to be the newest IT spot in town…but we’ll see if the food is good and its not just about the beer.

By the time we left Senses on Main and headed over to trivia (Friendly Valley Social Club won first, duh), the crowd had grown and it was really a good time had by all. We ended up having to wait over an hour and half to get food from one of the burger trucks, which includes waiting in line and then waiting around for our order to be ready. Then we had to find a table to stand at to eat. As we stood around we remarked that we can’t wait for the Refinery to open up so we can actually sit down and eat our food on Senses nights, but I’m pretty sure its going to be the toughest seat to snag on those third Thursdays.

Senses on Main

Old Town Newhall

Third Thursdays


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