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Back in February I visited Southern Girl Desserts at their storefront location. Then before I got a chance to blog it, their storefront closed. Since I didn’t know what had happened, I just never posted. However, I soon started hearing about their cupcakes being at various events, and even placing in the LA Cupcake Challenge a mere week after my visit.

Then last night, I was watching Cupcake Wars and saw the southern girls! Turns out they don’t currently have a storefront anymore, however you can still order their cupcakes from their website. So, I guess I can still blog about their cupcakes, amiright?

They are most famous for their sweet potato cupcake, which is definitely something you can’t find just everywhere. If you are a sweet potato fan, you will not want to miss trying it if you get the chance!

Thanks to Groupon, we ended up trying six cupcakes total. Two red velvet, two sweet potato, and two lemon.

Here is a closeup of the red velvet.

This is their website where you can learn more about the Southern Girls and their desserts. Also, follow them on Twitter for updates @dessertdivas and! I’m hearing you can get some of their cupcakes in shooter form from the Sweets Truck!


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